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Here you can find information, advice and related safety products on:

Dust control and the dangers of dust.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) and what to wear.

The law and information on schemes run by the HSE to support safer working practice and enforcement.

Cut-off saw training, which places are doing it and what certification can be awarded.

The accessories available to cut bricks and block paving quickly and safely.

The easy way to acurately 'wet-cut' paving slabs quickly and safely.

Cutting into existing walls and structures for cutting opening for doors and windows.

Opening up cavities and cutting vertical dpc

Whether you are a Construction Manager or a Health and Safety Manager for a large Construction Company, a Sub-Contracting Company or a Small Building firm, the safe use of petrol saws will be a consideration on any site. This website will help you find out more about what can be done and what is being done to improve the use and safety of petrol saws.