Brickworker Ltd
Suite 106, 3 Edgar Buildings,
George Street, Bath BA1 2FJ

Contact: 07860 404060
Brickworker Limited was established in 2010. The main business of the company has been working with the German product manufacturer Andreas STIHL.
Our first project has been the design, development and patenting of a range of unique Jigs used for holding bricks securely and safely whilst cutting using a petrol cut-off saw (or disc-cutter). The Stihl Brick Jigs allow you to make any cuts and to do all you're cutting so much quicker and more accurately than any of the methods before now.
At the moment Brickworker continue to work with Stihl beyond the development, helping to build a National network of Brick Jig Dealers focusing on Independent Builders Merchants and Independent Hire Companies.

We continue to work with STIHL as they establish the Brick Jigs, making them an acknowledged way of quickly and safely cutting bricks on construction sites throughout the UK. The aim is to develop the International market and follow STIHL's established worldwide success with their cut-off saw.

During research we were frequently asked about cutting paving slabs, flags and floor stones, something the Brick Jigs are unable to do. After further research we developed and patented the 'Slab Cutting Guide', a relatively low cost and simple product with clever design features. Anyone who needs to make a straight cut through a paving slab, flag stone or floor stone and who uses a cut-off saw of any size, can achieve a faster, safer and more accurate cut by using the Slab Cutting Guide.

The Slab Cutting Guide is of value to professional ground workers, hard landscapers and commercial paving companies as well as to competent DIY and outdoor home improvement enthusiasts. Potential buyers will not just come from the professional tradesman visiting landscape/construction machine tool dealers like STIHL but to the wider range of customers who go to the professional/DIY builder's material and equipment supplier.