Slab Cutting Guide - Frequently Asked Questions

Q Does the slab cutting guide need to be locked on very tight?
The Locking Mechanism does not need to be over-tight to hold the Guide cutting guide firmly.

Q Is there a need for continual adjustment?
The slabs/stones on any job tend to be of the same thickness so the amount of continual adjustment is minimal.
Q - Can I cut slabs 'wet' for dust suppression?
The Slab Cutting Guide is perfect for cutting with water for dust suppression because you are following the Guide and not a scribed line that gets lost in the spray. It is important to remember that it is not safe to use water if you are cutting with an electric machine, you must have a petrol driven saw.

Q Can the disc blade cut into the foot underneath the slab?
The foot is designed so that where ever it is locked under the slab; the cutting blade on the saw cannot cut or damage it.

Q How quickly does the guide face wear on the cutting channel?  
The guide face will wear, but does not wear quickly. When cutting, the blade will follow the guide face, but once the blade has made the initial channel along the cutting line, the blade tracks the channel rather than the guide face.

Q Which side of the Cutting Guide do I use?
You can use both side faces of the Cutting Guide to guide your disc blade, there is no right or wrong way round. You can also position your stance so that you either cut alongside the Guide and see the blade cutting into the slab, or cut over the Guide so that you can see the blade against Guide face, which ever suits you.

Q When I have worn it out can I replace the Cutting Guide channel?
Once the Cutting Guide is worn out, it should be replaced.

Q - What saws can you use with the SlabCutting Guide
The saw is designed for use with any 12" or 14" petrol cut-off saw, however we know of people who cut quite successfully with a 9" electric angle grinder. But remenber that you cannot use water based dust suppression on an electrical product.