Brickworker Wall Cutting Guide

The Brickworker Wall Cutting Guide makes it easier and safer when cutting into existing structures, for opening existing cavities or cutting out new window or door openings. The Wall Cutting Guide can be used with any 12” or 14” petrol Cut-off Saw.

Wall Cutting Guide 2100

Fixing the Wall Cutting Guide to the existing structure and using the edge to follow with your saw, allows you to control your cut. The blade follows the Guide as it forms the cut, rather than tracking in the direction of a free hand cut. This keeps everything straight, accurate and in the position you need it.

The Wall Cutting Guide is simple to fix to the structure you are cutting. Drill two 15mm diameter holes 30mm deep on the waste side of the cut, push the lugs into the holes, level the guide and tighten. Untighten the lugs and slide the Guide up or down to increase the length of cut without having to re-drill.

                             Cutting Range                         

Cut up to 2.1m in length and make two parallel cuts 100mm (4”) apart without the need to remove and re-position the Guide.