£37.50 +VAT

The Brickworker Slab Cutting Guide is an innovative guide that locks simply and quickly onto a paving slab, allowing you to make a safe and accurate straight cut through the slab exactly where you want it.

The Guide allows you to cut 'wet' (with water dust suppression) and with its advantages around simple and safe use, cutting could also be confidently passed to an assistant or labourer.

Constructed from sturdy stainless steel the versatility of the Slab Cutting Guide will save time, improve accuracy and ensure safer practice when cutting paving slabs or natural stone


Small Jig £219 +VAT      Large Jig £299 +VAT

Available in two sizes, the STIHL Brick Jig is a sturdy, portable frame which will hold multiple bricks for cutting using a petrol cut-off saw.

Just place the bricks on the frame square to the backstop or at the required angle and cut with your saw. The Large Jig is designed to be used on the ground and allows for cutting up to 10 bricks at a time. The Small Jig holds up to 3 bricks and can be used on scaffolding (where conditions allow) or for cutting block paving. 

This tool will help professional builders cut bricks or block paving quickly and accurately.