Train the Trainer Course

Stihl Train the Trainer course for PDCOS

TWO DAY knowledge course requiredto deliver PDCOS certificate

What is the Stihl Train the Trainer Course about?

The STIHL Train the Trainer is a two-day course. It is a blend of classroom based and practical training in how to use a petrol driven cut off saw. It teaches trainers how to handle the machine as well as machine checks, personal protective equipment and ensuring that a safe working environment is set up in which to cut.

Why go on the Train the Trainer?

Attending the two-day training will give trainers all the knowledge and information you will need to deliver the PDCOS training certificate. Attending the course will ensure that you have an up to date awareness in all aspects of the course and have had experience in the legal responsibilities, personal protective equipment, understanding the machines and accessories, fitting diamond blades and abrasive wheels, safe working areas and the correct use of machines.

Those passing the course will receive a Train the Trainer certificate from STIHL to prove they have received the training and will then be kept up to date with any key information circulated within the industry by STIHL on developments in technology products and practice.

Trainers will then be put in contact with the approving bodies and organisations that endorse PDCOS and supply the training material for their courses. Qualification to deliver their course will be based on having the STIHL Train the Trainer certificate and meeting the qualifying criteria necessary for the individual awarding body or organisation.

What the course will cover?

  • Ensuring the operator understands their responsibilities.
  • What PPE should be worn and the dangers faced by those who don’t wear it.
  • Dangers that silica dust pose to health.
  • The effects of vibration and noise, and the dangers of using a petrol driven cut-off saw in poorly ventilated spaces.
  • A clear understanding of the safety features of a petrol driven cut-off saw.
  • The importance of ensuring that the wheel is correct for the machine and application.
  • Fuelling the machine safely.
  • Understanding a safe working environment in which to cut.
  • Starting the machine and checking it is running correctly.
  • How to stand, how to secure the workpiece and how to avoid kick-back.
  • Learning the correct techniques for cutting different materials.
  • Transporting the machine and cutting blades.

PDCOS Certificate

HALF DAY operators course

Why the PDCOS Certificate course was developed?

Working with Skanska alongside them, STIHL have developed a half day training course about the safe use of petrol driven cut-off saws. Accidents associated with the use of this equipment are becoming more common. This course has been created within the Construction industry to raise standards and to minimise injury in the future.

Who is the course for?

Anyone who may use the saw as part of their trade. Knowledge and skills from the course will help to improve safety on-site and personal safety whether the operator is learning to use the saw or already experienced.

Apprentices and young operators learning a relevant trade at college would learn and gain experience using the saw correctly and safely, being taught by a professional and qualified tutor. They would carry with them a certificate proving they have been trained on the both the use of the machine and on the Abrasive Wheels element in fitting the correct cutting wheels.

Experienced operators will learn correct practice for operating a petrol cut-off machine, update their Abrasive Wheel element and get an up to date awareness of their responsibilities, current machines and accessories and safe operating methods on-site.

What the course will cover?

  • Understanding responsibilities
  • What PPE needs to be worn and why
  • Abrasive Wheel fitting for petrol cut off saws
  • Safe working areas and fuelling
  • Starting and using the machines
  • Cutting methods and the use of accessories

How is the Train the Trainer course delivered?

The STIHL Train the Trainer course is a two-day course and is delivered regionally across the England, Scotland and Wales. There are a number of courses scheduled with new courses added as each regional course is delivered.

Courses will have up to 6 delegates on a first come first served basis.

The course includes time in the classroom and outside.

Those attending will be given details of that to bring by way of PPE.

How do I book onto PDCOS Train the Trainer?

Details of the regional courses and availability

can be obtained by contacting:

Jo Handyside Learning & Development Coordinator


Stihl House, Stanhope Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3YT.

Details and information can also be obtained from:

Andy Fitzmaurice

Commercial Director

Brickworker Ltd.

Suite 106, 3 Edgar Buildings

George Street, Bath, BA1 2FJ

(+44) (0) 7860 404060

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Stihl Train the Trainer course for PDCOS

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