Slab Cutting Guide 1200 - 64.99 +VAT

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Slab Cutting Guide 1200 - £64.99 +VAT
  • Slab Cutting Guide 1200 - £64.99 +VAT
  • Slab Cutting Guide 1200 - £64.99 +VAT
  • Slab Cutting Guide 1200 - £64.99 +VAT
  • Slab Cutting Guide 1200 - £64.99 +VAT
Larger Slab Cutting Guide 1200
Designed for cuts up to 1255mm long and up to 85mm deep

The Brickworker Slab Cutting Guide is an innovative device that locks simply and quickly onto a paving slab, allowing you to make a safe and accurate straight cut through the slab in exactly the place you want it. Constructed from sturdy stainless steel the versatility of the Slab Cutting Guide will save time, improve accuracy and ensure safer practice when cutting paving slabs or natural stone.

The Slab Cutting Guide is suitable for the professional hard landscaper and the DIY enthusiast who wants to cut paving slabs using either a 12" or 14" petrol cut-off saw (disc cutter).

Cutting Range                   
Minimum length of cut 210mm
Maximum length of cut 1255mm
Minimum slab thickness 25mm
Maximum slab thickness 85mm

Manufacture and Materials
The Slab Cutting Guide is sourced,
manufactured and assembled in the UK.
All components on the Brickworker
Slab Cutting Guide are Stainless Steel with
the exception of the Locking Handle
which is plastic (uv stable) with a brass
threaded insert, and the Handle spacer
which is plastic (uv stable)


Cutting Smaller slabs or natural stone?
Here is the Slab Cutting Guide 600!

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